We are veterans on the competition BBQ circuit. We have travelled as far as Terlingua Texas to compete and we have built quite a reputation among teams, judges and the general public.


The Competition BBQ circuit is a lot like a rolling Gypsy caravan, we travel from place to place throughout the summer to be with close friends from other competition teams. It’s as much of a social experience as it is a contest.

A few years ago we decided to take our fifteen years of competition experience to the public. The result is Competition Grade Southern BBQ Catering you can enjoy.

People are curious beasts. When we compete or cater we are always asked a million questions. What’s this? How does that work? How can I make great ribs? You would think that this would become tiresome. Not for us. We enjoy spreading the word about real Southern BBQ and watching people’s eyes light up when they realize that they and their family could be creating great food and lasting memories. For us it’s all about growing the sport and passion for really great Southern BBQ. If we hook a few more competitors along the way so much the better! It’s how those dang cooks nabbed me!