First and foremost, never, ever…ever boil your ribs! Your not making soup and the poor ribs never did nothin’ to you! Just cook them at a lower temperature for a longer period of time to get moist and tender ribs. Secondly, remove the shiny silver skin membrane from the bone side of the ribs. Use the dumb end of a small spoon to get under the membrane over one of the bones and lift it up. Put your finger under the skin and lift it up. Now grab the skin with a paper towel and pull it off the rack.

Whether in an oven or on a gas grill, or better yet a smoker, cook the ribs at 225 degrees with a little yellow mustard spread thin and then your homemade rub on them. Cook until the meat starts to pull back and expose the ends of the rib bones. At this point you are getting close to done and you can add your favorite BBQ sauce. Because BBQ sauce has a high sugar content you only add the sauce at the end of the cooking process so it won’t burn on the meat and taste bitter.