Listed below are the most common questions we are asked. That doesn’t mean we’ve answered yours! Every function whether it’s a wedding reception, a corporate event or a birthday party has its own circumstances.

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Q: How much do you charge?

The process of cooking beef brisket and pulled pork takes about twenty hours of prep and cooking time. We don’t set it and forget it, we continually monitor and feed the BBQ pit wood. We do it the ‘Old School’ way because we think it just tastes better. So as they say, “Time is money.”

Generally three meats and three sides costs about $30 to $40 per person.

Sorry, we didn’t mean to scare you!

Karen and I take time off of our day jobs to cater and it is usually a three day process for a catering job. We cook the quick meats (ribs, chicken and seafoods) on site so you are looking at us arriving at your venue the morning of your party to set up and start prepping and cooking ribs for a supper service. -ribs take about six hours!

All of these factors work into us quoting on your party. We have never had someone say that it wasn’t worth every cent. We have been very successful at making the food the one thing people remember and continue to talk about well after the lights go out.

Q: How much notice do you need?

The more the better! Since we book time off our day jobs to cater the more notice we can give the more likely we can be there for you. We often get bookings a year ahead.

Q: What are your terms?

Our contract calls for a 25% deposit at signing. This removes the date from our calendar of availability and guarantees your date. The balance owing is due 15 days prior to your party.

Q: Can we change menu items before our party?

As we order our proteins two weeks prior to your party date we can adjust menu items up until that time. After that changes can still be made but it will depend on availability and could adjust the final balance owing.

Q: What if our guest count changes?

Upon signing the contract the number of guests can not be adjusted down. It can however be increased and as long as the increase occurs more than fifteen days prior and there is no additional charge per plate. If the number increases within the two week window it is an extra $5 per plate due to us not being able to use our suppliers.

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