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Barbeque Catering Menu Ideas

If you live in the Vancouver Lower mainland region and you’re thinking of serving your guests Southern BBQ for your party then you’ve come to the right place! We really enjoy what we do and who doesn’t like a good party. We try to be as interactive as possible with guests. We believe that we have been entrusted by our clients to help set the mood of their party amongst their clients, family and friends. We appreciate this trust and we give a hundred percent to live up to our clients expectations.

Contact us and we will work with you to create a memorable custom barbeque catering menu for you and your guests.


We usually recommend having three proteins on your menu to give everyone at your function a choice. Pulled pork is without doubt the favorite for folks followed closely by baby back ribs. Roast beef and chicken are in a tie for third choice. Beef brisket is often requested but we worn our clients that it doesn’t usually end up being as popular as people might expect. Brisket has a distinctly different kind of beef flavour, it is just the nature of the beast. Our roast beef is always a hit, we slow roast it in our BBQ pit with our beef rub and baste it during the five hour cooking process with a beef au jus concoction. This makes the beef extremely tender and full of satisfying flavours. We have cooked an awful lot of salmon over the years and won several first place ribbons with it in competition. We only offer wild salmon when it is available in season and when it is sustainably harvested. Salmon is without doubt the most costly protein but always a favorite.



The most popular side is our Pit Beans. Their smokey flavour with a hint of JD and a little spicey kick along with a little crunch from our sauteed veggies added at the right time, combine to make them really good!

Garlic, parmesan and herb roasted potatoes are a possibility.

Salads are all home made and if you’re choosing pulled pork you gotta have Momma Kee’s coleslaw! With her creamy dressing and her additions of a little dried fruit and slivered almonds or sunflower seeds really makes it special. Karen’s Caesar and Greek salads are also awesome choices.

  • Pitt Baked Beans
  •  Ceasar Salad
  •  Greek Salad
  •  Coleslaw