The Canadian Festival of Chili and BBQ
This competition is the one that started it all for Bad Ass BBQ. It has been the launch pad for many first time cooks and it has always embraced new team mentoring as well as teaching the public about real Southern BBQ. It is an honor for us now to help produce the event. At this contest we try to put the sport back where it was when we began. Entrance fees for teams are at the same level as the 90’s and last year we raised over $8000 for our charity, The BC Professional Firefighters Burn Fund. Two years ago we registered The Canadian Chili and BBQ Society to produce the event and that represents our non profit philosophy. If you go to the web page and open our brochure for this years event you will learn about the founders of the Festival, Dave and Pat Veljacic.b

The Pacific Northwest BBQ Association is the sanctioning body for BBQ competitions here in the Northwest. It is on the forum on their site where we get our competition schedule for the summer and chat with all our BBQ buddies all year round. If you are interested in Competition BBQ this is the place to start.

You can learn how to make real Texas chili on this site. You can even get previous champions recipes! Texas chili is just meat and ‘gravy’ –the way it was made in the old days on cattle drives. If you follow the recipes on this site with the chili spices you can buy up here and add what veggies you like along the process you will end up with a really good homestyle pot-a-red. If you want to get into it and get some real Texas chili spices just leave us a message on our contact page and we can give you links to where we buy our chili spices.

The Virtual Weber Bullet
This where I started to learn how to use my first cooker Gary Johnstone gave me. This site is really amazing. It goes thru everything you need to know to start cooking. Chris Allingham takes you step by step on how to cook practically everything on the best priced and lowest cooking maintenance smoker there is. The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker wins more contests than any other brand. It really is a set it and forget it cooker…well sorta.

The Smoke Ring
This is one the original BBQ sites. It is a national wealth of BBQ knowledge. The forums section hosts a lot of The Big Boys of BBQ. Tread lightly here Young Padawan!