We have wasted a ton of ketchup trying to create our own sauce. Eventually you will succeed creating your own but was it worth it? Ninety-nine percent of folks have found a store bought BBQ sauce that they really have come to enjoy. – the trick for store bought? You gotta doctor it!

Put your favorite store bought in a pot and bring it to a low simmer, this stuff burns fast if it’s not stirred continuously. Add either the spice rub you’ve developed or the seasonings you usually use. Fresh sautéed onions and garlic are great. We always add some fresh squeezed lime juice and maybe a little JD at the end to kick it up.

At The BBQ on the Bow competition in Calgary they have a BBQ sauce entry. Karen decided she was going to enter her own sauce and starting mixing stuff in a pot like a crazy women. I think I heard “Boil and bubble, toil and trouble” more than once. Lol! Anyway, she kicked my Bad Ass!