Great rubs are as varied as your imagination. Use the spices that you enjoy. What do you put on your steak or burger? Here is a simple formula to kick up your own personal rub.

Rubs are made from equal parts of four spice groups. Salts, sugars, peppers and flavours. Start by creating a half cup measure of each of the following groups so you end with two cups of your own personal rub.

Salts – the base of your half cup salts should be at least half of Kosher or coarse sea salt. Now add some salted flavours like Hy’s Seasoned Salt, garlic salt, onion salt or even celery salt. Dump this half cup salt blend into a bowl and move on.

Sugars – choose your half cup to include any of: white…boring!, demerara, turbinado, cane or whatever sugars you come up with.

Peppers – fill your half cup measure pepper blend with ground black, white, lemon or crushed chili peppers. Don’t forget a little cayenne!

Flavours – this is where you will create your own signature. We prefer to use as many granulated flavours as possible over powders. The list is endless. Granulated garlic and onion, mustard powder or dried herbs, chili powders…use what you enjoy and think about how much of it will work and not overpower the rest. Don’t add flavours you don’t use regularly, use what you know. -For now!

Mix your four groups of spices together and you can add a little cornstarch so it won’t clump together if you want to store any extra.

Let us know how you did!