So you want to make some pulled pork. No matter whether you cook pork butt in a smoker, grill or oven, trimming and dressing the roast properly makes a huge difference in the end product.

We smoked eighteen butts on the weekend and thought we’d show the prep process.

These first pic’s cover how to trim yer butt… On the top of the butt there is a thick layer of fat then a thin layer of meat and then another layer of fat above the good stuff. You can usually see from the meaty side of the roast where the layers are. That corner is also the best place to start trimming off the false fat cap. You don’t have to remove all the fat because most of it will render out during the long cooking process and also help to keep the meat moist. Just remove the heavy areas of fat.

Rub in a thin layer of regular mustard all over the butt and then generously cover with rub. Be sure to cover all sides and press it into the meat. The rub flavours won’t really penetrate the roast due it’s size but it will help in creating a great bark or crust on the exterior.

Your ready to cook it after you let the rub sit and turn colour. It starts to look all moist and shiny. Thirty minutes to an hour should do it. Put the roast directly on your grill using indirect heat and follow the ideas in the oven method below.

Our daughter Jill asked for a recipe for a pulled pork oven method for her friend so here it is:

In a roasting pan put the seasoned roast in a 250* oven. Roast it without a lid until it is stating to look all mahogany and crispy. Cover the pan loosely with a lid or foil and cook until it’s starting to get fairly tender. Then remove the lid, brush on some BBQ sauce and continue to cook uncovered until very tender. The liquid that is left in the pan is great to add to the pulled pork if you suction the juice with a turkey baster from the bottom of the pan below the grease that will be on top.

The cooking time shouldn’t be more than six to eight hours for an eight pound pork butt.